The Bentleys – 4/4 (formerly known as I Don’t Know We’ll Figure It Out) EP

We’re excited to announce the hatching of these 4 fine Bentleys songs, which have been fattening in incubation since 2008. Recording began at the old Chessvolt Studios, former home of most of Luxury Wafers’ live sessions. That’s where the rhythm section got all weighty and wild, a bunch of crazy guitar sounds were laid down, and Ron’s heady vocals etched their way into being, all through the sweet old Neve (bless its soul – it’s found a new home now down in Texas).  Recording of further crazy guitar conversation continued at Kingsize Soundlabs. Finally, the EP of 4 deliciously Beatles-influenced, fuzz-pop, rock ‘n’ roll tracks culminated at the Pie and Tart Shop in LA, current HQ for LW, where Peter Malick whipped up a tantalizing mix. The timing couldn’t be better. The Bentleys have been active around the LA scene since even before the economy really took a dive. (Remember then?) That’s when we met them – a group of presentable, very young men playing a Let’s Independent! night at Boardner’s for RFSL while their cute girlfriends passed out CDs to the crowd. Since then, they’ve been gainfully employed and reasonably responsible while continuing to write and play music, their original and abiding love. Though they’ve inevitably matured, The Bentleys managed to retain their endearing raw edge and spontaneous, fun vibe.  Get ready for them to burst out into your ears once again with their new 4/4 (formerly referred to as I Don’t Know We’ll Figure It Out) EP. Check their site,, for upcoming shows and tour dates.

Listen to the streaming tracks HERE.