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SXSW 2010 – 5 days of full-contact aural inundation; Free parties, music, booze, food … Ready, Go!

South by Southwest SXSW Armadillo

Right, they’ve got Smokey for the keynote address and a bunch of panels and whatnot to attend, but the ambrosia of SXSW manifests in an already-musically-inundated town soaked through to overflowing with amazing artists and music lovers from around the world, largely just for the price of getting to Austin with a comfortable pair of [...]

Abe Vigoda, Reviver, Don’t Lie Mp3 and Video


Abe Vigoda‘s Reviver was released back in February on the awesome PPM, offering a crisply atonal haunted wall of sound, a very cool shift forward into darkness for these twisted so-cal punks. So good. They’re playing tonight in LA at the Echo. Here’s the killer rush, Don’t Lie and video: