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Luxury Wafers Exclusive, Ana Egge Live @ Chessvolt Studios

Ana Egge playing live at Chessvolt Recording Studio during an exclusive session for Luxury Wafers

On her last LA foray – in between mountain treks and woodland adventures with faerie sprites – Ana Egge visited Chessvolt Studios and shared a mellow, comfortably social session with us for Luxury Wafers, rolling out songs from her 2009 release, Road To My Love(Grace/Parkinsong). Personal and haltingly bare, Egge’s tunes flow like water over [...]

Ana Egge, Bully of New York and Farmer’s Daughter – Exclusive Downloads


Two tracks, recorded Live@Chessvolt Studios for Luxury Wafers, from Ana Egge’s recent release, Road To My Love (Grace/Parkinsong,2009): Farmer’s Daughter Bully of New York Ana Egge, exceedingly modest and of a gentle nature, commands her surroundings when she lets loose on the guitar she built at age 15. Her strong confidence and skill are notable [...]