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Track & Video of the Day: Braden Land, Evangeline Tonight


Unfalteringly rich acoustic guitar and complimentary harmonica frame Braden Land’s heartbroken lullaby, Evangeline Tonight, a beautiful song that glows with the obvious: Land is clearly tapped into a deep root. His timeless, enveloping sound should be compared to weighty predecessors Dylan, Townes Van Zandt and Lowell George. Steady and grounded, Braden Land appears to reside [...]

Braden Land, Live@Chessvolt Studios

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Tall, skinny, quiet and unassuming, Braden Land is a radioactive spyship in disguise. He may not be a household name (yet), but it would be wise to get this potent singer-songwriter on your radar now. Seemingly tapped into a secret, glowing fold of time-space, Land oozes engaging songs easy to immerse yourself in. They are [...]

Premature Trackulation: Braden Land, Evangeline Tonight


Beautifully hypnotic, Braden Land’s Evangeline Tonight will lull you into a trance. Tapped into a deep root with strong influences by and resemblence to Townes Van Zandt and Bob Dylan, Braden’s writing, playing, singing and timing exude sheer brilliant authenticity. Braden Land’s songs dig deep. He gives you a hit of being aligned with powerful [...]