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Wavy Davy’s top 12 selections from last year’s Luxury Wafers Sessions

Brendan Benson

Here’s another list for list lovers. It’s never really too late, and, besides, 2010′s all about savoring that which nourishes, so…..without further ado, here’s Dave Shulman’s list of faves from Luxury Wafers sessions in 2009. Dave’s an up-east musician who helped around the studio when he visited and even filmed a bunch of Luxury Wafers [...]

Best of the Year #3: View, Listen and Download

The staff favorites - live sessions in 2009 from Luxury Wafers

This Best of 2009 list, “in no particular order,” comes from Mike Post, who started as an intern at our Chessvolt Studios before Luxury Wafers and has helped us here and there from the very beginning with booking, mixing… the whole shebam. Mike just graduated with a music degree from Northeastern University in Boston. Check [...]

New Luxury Wafers Exclusive Video: Brendan Benson “Whole Lot Better”


Live at Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles, Brendan Benson records Whole Lot Better from his latest solo release, My Old Familiar Friend (8/18/09, ATO). CLICK HERE to go to the entire live session with tracks, review, photos and more video.

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Brendan Benson, Live@Chessvolt Studios with video and mp3s

Thumbnail image for Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Brendan Benson, Live@Chessvolt Studios with video and mp3s

These songs from Brendan Benson‘s live session are entirely infectious. Everywhere I go, the catchy phrases now uncoil themselves to spring forth in bouncy, singalbe, memorable bits. While none of us is a stranger to sensational The Raconteurs of which Benson is a collaborative member, I hadn’t actually realized the depth for which I love [...]