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Wavy Davy’s top 12 selections from last year’s Luxury Wafers Sessions

Brendan Benson

Here’s another list for list lovers. It’s never really too late, and, besides, 2010′s all about savoring that which nourishes, so…..without further ado, here’s Dave Shulman’s list of faves from Luxury Wafers sessions in 2009. Dave’s an up-east musician who helped around the studio when he visited and even filmed a bunch of Luxury Wafers [...]

Best of the Year #3: View, Listen and Download

The staff favorites - live sessions in 2009 from Luxury Wafers

This Best of 2009 list, “in no particular order,” comes from Mike Post, who started as an intern at our Chessvolt Studios before Luxury Wafers and has helped us here and there from the very beginning with booking, mixing… the whole shebam. Mike just graduated with a music degree from Northeastern University in Boston. Check [...]

Cotton Jones: Rio Ranger EP; Where You Stop For A Minute (mp3)


Where You Stop For A Minute [mp3] (from the new Rio Ranger EP!) Home Is Where [mp3]…same song, from Cotton Jones’ Live Luxury Wafers Session Here comes the last of a clever little 3-part series of hardcover, handcrafted, limited edition CD books released by Cotton Jones: the Rio Ranger EP (Quite Scientific, 9/8/09). 5 new [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: New Cotton Jones Video – The Radio Slugger


A hauntingly beautiful duet from Cotton Jones, The Radio Slugger: Cotton Jones – The Radio Slugger – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.   Check out the Cotton Jones Luxury Wafers Session review with exclusive live tracks (mp3s) and more video HERE.

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Cotton Jones, Live @ Chessvolt Studios

Cotton Jones plays live at Chessvolt Recording Studio for Luxury Wafers

Cumberland, Maryland duo, Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw have been making music together for what sounds and feels like lifetimes. Honestly, in this lifetime, it already seems to us like forever, which is exactly how long the tiny Appalachian city of 21,000 claims people have inhabited their tranquil digs. I suppose it’s no wonder, then, [...]

Cotton Jones – Blood Red Sentimental Blues & Gotta Cheer Up


Good news from Cotton Jones: “All the demons have been slayed.” It’s true. They heard it in the toilet bowl. Just listen: Blood Red Sentimental Blues And in case you need a tripped-out lift: Gotta Cheer Up We are pleased as punch to have the Maryland duo, formerly known as The Cotton Jones Basket Ride [...]