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Crystal Antlers: reflections, refinements, and now what?!

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While sorting through cyber-mountains of files during re-entry to the Luxury Wafers atmosphere, I ran across this video of one of my all-time favorite sessions: Crystal Antlers. Oh man. Awesome. Details of the session are blurry in my memory. From the calendar, I know it was late afternoon in July of 2009. I do remember [...]

It’s not too late for Chickens in Love.

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Everybody’s got space for a little chicken love in their heart. 826LA and a bunch of local students, artists and businesses are showing the way. 826LA, a generous and creative non-profit writing/tutoring center that works for free with LA’s school children, presents Chickens In Love. Sponsored by large-hearted hipsters Origami Vinyl, Bedrock LA, Echoplex, Engine [...]

Crystal Antlers, Live@Chessvolt Studios

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Crystal Antlers, the ironically endearing Long Beach group of 6 skyrocketing to popularity across an increasingly diverse range of listeners, spews a veritable miasmatic carnival of instrumentation flanged with primal vocals from singer, Jonny Bell, who also kills it on bass. The line-up: Kevin Stuart, drums; Damian Edwards, percussion; Andrew King, guitar; Jonny Bell, bass, [...]

Crystal Antlers, Andrew


It was a real treat to have Crystal Antlers in the studio for a live Luxury Wafers Session last week. They are a seriously pleasurable storm of raw goodness, a feral manna, if you will. On their tamer side, here’s Andrew from their album, Tentacles. Crystal Antlers are touring the globe like maniacs, stateside through [...]