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Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Dame Satan, Live@Chessvolt Studios

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San Francisco Bay Area’s Dame Satan graced Luxury Wafers with their exceedingly humble, easy-going presence and proceeded to blow us away in ever-widening shockwaves. Andrew Simmons sings a cozy wool blanket and makes his guitar speak like an intent canine. Michael Chopko patiently, sensitively rides the bass deep and harmonizes electricity. Brendan Sheehan strokes guitar, [...]

Premature Trackulation: Dame Satan, Salton Sea


Rooted by deep, velvety bass, sweetly embellished with tambourine and radical drums (Brendan Sheehan) and just enough sixties flavored, super stoned Jerry Garcia-like guitar, Dame Satan lays down a spacious, nourishing feast in Salton Sea. Did I mention Andrew Simmons’ vocals, somewhat eerily and very nicely harmonized with by Michael Chopko, send electrified chills up [...]