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SXSW 2010 – 5 days of full-contact aural inundation; Free parties, music, booze, food … Ready, Go!

South by Southwest SXSW Armadillo

Right, they’ve got Smokey for the keynote address and a bunch of panels and whatnot to attend, but the ambrosia of SXSW manifests in an already-musically-inundated town soaked through to overflowing with amazing artists and music lovers from around the world, largely just for the price of getting to Austin with a comfortable pair of [...]

Last night at the Troubadour: Cory Chisel, Dawes and Jason Boesel

Cory Chisel at Chessvolt Recording Studio for Luxury Wafers

Last night’s show at the Troubadour was super sweet. The highlight for me was seeing Cory Chisel work the room, crisply present yet smooth as mellow tobacco. Ever gracious and humble, Chisel masterfully plied the crowd, alternating between high-energy, full-band rockers and introspective solo or duet pieces (joined by lovely Adriel Harris). He shared one [...]

Best of the Year #3: View, Listen and Download

The staff favorites - live sessions in 2009 from Luxury Wafers

This Best of 2009 list, “in no particular order,” comes from Mike Post, who started as an intern at our Chessvolt Studios before Luxury Wafers and has helped us here and there from the very beginning with booking, mixing… the whole shebam. Mike just graduated with a music degree from Northeastern University in Boston. Check [...]

Best of the Year #1: View, Listen and Download

The best live sessions from Luxury Wafers in 2009

We asked our Luxury Wafers crew to share their favorites songs from our 2009 sessions. This first selection is a playlist from Justin Philips, who shot and edited video for us over the summer and stayed on to continue with video and to help with the studio move. Some of the songs on the list [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Dawes, Live@Chessvolt Studios

Thumbnail image for Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Dawes, Live@Chessvolt Studios

Well nurtured acorns, Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith, fell from a family musical tree to fertile soil in Malibu, where they grew and played and rapidly sprouted strong legs and chops and friendships that would someday carry them all across this grand country and beyond. While all four Dawes members grew up on a diet of [...]

Dawes visits Luxury Wafers, Releases North Hills on ATO, Tours with Langhorne and Generally Melts the Studio with Rich Americana Soul


When My Time Comes [mp3] I’m sitting in the studio right now with Dawes. They’re recording Western Skyline at the moment for their Live Luxury Wafers Session. A liitle ragged from last night’s show at the Echo, Dawes’ lead singer, Taylor Goldsmith, is about to lose the right-arm sleeve on his ripped button down and [...]