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New Deer Tick: The Black Dirt Sessions; 20 Miles [mp3]

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Deer Tick offers up the first mp3 from their upcoming June release on Partisan, The Black Dirt Sessions. This song conjures the experience of walking alone down an ungroomed dirt road under midwestern beating sun and clear skies – just you and some mosquitoes – while wearing a hundred pound backpack and tattered shoes, only [...]

Deer Tick: Baltimore Blues No. 1 – Live (mp3)


Deer Tick offered this live recording up to military folks in honor of Veterans Day. Baltimore Blues No. 1 (mp3) The site,, hosted the track in its entertainment section, stating: “Unlike some other bands who’ve offered free downloads to us, Deer Tick make great music and the song’s lyrics aren’t insulting to people who’ve died [...]

Deer Tick, Smith Hill (mp3) from “Born On Flag Day”


Smith Hill [mp3] Deer Tick‘s still out on the road, playing songs from their latest, Born On Flag Day, with some great shows ahead, including opening dates for Neko Case. A couple of Southern California shows cancelled. Check all tour dates HERE.   Previous Deer Tick (with mp3s).  

Deer Tick extends tour and rocks out in general + mp3s and groovy video


Easy [mp3] Art Isn’t Real (City of Sin) [mp3] (from War Elephant) Deer Tick’s tearing it up out on the road. Their newest album, Born On Flag Day , came out in July on Partisan Records. They’ve toured with and made friends with just about every up-and-coming indie great out there. Recently, Deer Tick hung [...]

Deer Tick, Born on Flag Day; Easy and Art Isn’t Real (City of Sin)-[mp3s]


photo by Sayard EganTo follow the reissue of Deer Tick’s War Elephant, Partisan Records will release the band’s follow-up album, Born on Flag Day, June 23rd in clear vinyl. Exciting for fans and friendlier for the environment, too. Deer Tick continues to tour this grand USofA non-stop through October, playing shows with Jenny Lewis and [...]