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Luxury Wafers Exclusive: The Living Sisters, Live @ Bright Street with Videos and Mp3s

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Luscious layers of vocal harmony spiced with doe-eyed friskiness mark the timeless songs of The Living Sisters, the exceptional trio of already individually accomplished LA singer-songwriters: Inara George (The Bird and The Bee), Eleni Mandell and Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond). Substantive yet refreshing, soulful yet light-hearted, The Living Sisters’ songs lure irresistibly. Because they’re sung [...]

Summertime, Looking Back & A Luxury Mixed Dozen – 12 Exclusive Takeaway mp3s


It’s official: school’s out for the summer. Friday marked the last day for our (former) 3rd grader. The year, with all of its dizzying whirlwind growth, sticky crushes, new friendships, exciting firsts and occasional disappointments, came and went about as quickly as the gardenias outside our kitchen window recently burst into fragrant blossom and then [...]

Eleni Mandell, Live@Chessvolt Studios

Eleni Mandell plays live at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles for Luxury Wafers

Coming from a gal originally inspired by the burgeoning LA punk scene of the late ’70s, this collection of live Eleni Mandell recordings is a priceless trove of timeless gems. Stripped to bare elegance – just Eleni’s voice, clear and piercing with suggestive vulnerability, accompanied by guitar strums and Ryan Feves in support on easy-rolling [...]

Exclusive Luxury Wafers Video Interview with Eleni Mandell (Mini Movie)


LA darling Eleni Mandell mesmerizes as lush Singer-Songwriter extraordinaire. Originally punk influenced, Eleni elegantly emanates indie, folk, rock, and sometimes alt-country. In this charmingly mellow interview from her beautiful Los Feliz apartment, Eleni shares with Luxury Wafers about her life in music, working the door for friend Chuck E Weiss, encouragement from Tom Waits, songwriting [...]

Eleni Mandell – Video – Tiny Waist – Live@Chessvolt Studios


Eleni Mandell – Tiny Waist – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo. Another irresistible gem from subtle rocker-seductress, Eleni Mandell. Tiny Waist was recorded Live@Chessvolt Studios for Luxury Wafers in Eleni’s hometown, Los Angeles.

Premature Trackulation: Eleni Mandell, Just Friends


Punk-influenced Eleni Mandell sings like an unhurried arrow to your heart, right on the mark, accompanied by weighty bass and a simple yet profound chord progression on electric guitar in Just Friends. Listen once and Eleni’s pleas of ‘don’t let it happen’ will forever tug at the corners of your heart and loop through your [...]