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Emily Neveu – double, triple the pleasure, plus Lefse


Oh, no, no, no. I don’t believe she’s a twin. I don’t mean she’s a stripper or hermaphrodite or anything weird like that. Heavens no. I mean here are Two, two! amazing tracks from Emily Neveu. Swallowing A Swallow [mp3] – a beautifully simple, old-style round of piano, accordian and Neveu’s velvety soporific voice. I [...]

Lefse Records Free Compilation: Neon Indian, Tape Deck Mountain, A Grave With No Name, Friend, Emily Neveu, The Traditionist and a Whole Bunch More


Lefse Badass Compilation [zip] Our buddies over at Lefse Records have generously offered up a Free digital compilation for your listening pleasure. They’re calling it Fall/Winter 2009. As I’m reluctant to give over to cold gusts and gray skies, I’d rather think of it as a badass collection of songs that will continue to deliver [...]