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Track of the Day & Video: Fast Heart Mart, Hey Love


‘Fast Heart’ Martin masterminds the cunning concoctions of his self-named band, playing double necked guitar, harmonica and singing and playing like today’s incarnation of Woody Guthrie braided in with strips of White Stripes and Violent Femmes. The song, Hey Love treks with surrender through the adventure of life on a constant camel, interspersed with little [...]

Track of the Day: Fast Heart Mart, Good Old Girlfriend


Here’s a humerous (but true) pre-valentine’s day track from Albuquerque’s Fast Heart Mart. The sound is like a spirited threesome of Woody Guthrie, White Stripes and Violent Femmes. Good Old Girlfriend When it comes to love, you just gotta go for whatever works. Please visit Fast Heart Mart Luxury Wafers Session for more tracks, review, [...]

Track Of The Day: Fast Heart Mart, A to Z


Funky, spicy, soulful: Fast Heart Mart’s A to Z burns and grooves with sociopolitical commentary, stand-up bass, snare, rustically wild harmonica nearly sitar-like guitar and effective harmonies. For more Fast Heart Mart plus Videos, visit the original Luxury Wafers Session.

Fast Heart Mart, Live@Chessvolt Studios

Fast Heart Mart plays a live video session for Luxury Wafers at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles

From Albuquerque, New Mexico hails Fast Heart Mart. ‘Fast Heart’ Martin masterminds the insanely cunning concoctions of the band, playing double necked guitar, harmonica and singing and playing like today’s incarnation of Woody Guthrie. Roblyn, his fair lady and accomplice, drums and offers harmonies plus a rare encyclopedic knowledge of, well, just about anything. Together, [...]

Sneaky Preview: New Fast Heart Mart Video – Sister’s Tiny Hands


Fast Heart Mart – Sister’s Tiny Hands – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Premature Trackulation: Fast Heart Mart, Limbo


Fast Heart Mart is one of my favorite bands ever, comprised of some of the most delightful people on this earth sphere. Think White Stripes, Hank Williams and Violent Femmes with a double necked guitar and umeboshi paste. Listening to their simple yet ingenious songs will induce giggling, perhaps, as they tickle deep on the [...]