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Go West Young Man, Chinatown


From their live session at Chessvolt Studios, Go West Young Man‘s Chinatown Check out their self-titled record (OneCell, 2009). Read the full review and download more tracks plus video at Go West Young Man’s Live Luxury Wafers Session.

Track Of The Day: Go West Young Man, Penny Alarm


Big words, metaphors and simile tango with Elvis Costello in the timeless sphere of a spacious ballroom in Go West Young Man’s throbbingly listenable Penny Alarm, doodled over with lazy guitar, slicey bass and heavy tom. Suarez’ no-holds-barred vocal alternatively gives way to an occasional coo, ultimately creating a fruity cocktail well enjoyed poolside at [...]

Go West Young Man

Go West Young Man Live at Chessvolt Recording Studio for Luxury Wafers

Go West Young Man – Calypso – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo. Crisp compelling piano drives and underlies the tunes of this LA-area indie band, Go West Young Man. They’re waily, croony, screamy, crunchy, bouncy, stylistically complete with groovy writhing wah guitar riffs. Their general sound is Elvis Costello doing the tango [...]