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Best of the Year #2, View, Listen and Download

Our favorite Luxury Wafers sessions with indie musicians in 2009

This selection comes from Amanda Lemieux, who has been with Luxury Wafers as a videographer, video editor and all-around good-viber since she moved to LA from the east coast about a year ago. From #12 to her numero uno, the songs are listed below as mp3s or videos with links to the original sessions for [...]

Summer Re-Treat: Heartless Bastards, Out At Sea (mp3), Exclusive Live Track


Out At Sea [mp3] “Wennerstrom’s attitude remains intensely torrential, yet her furnace burns even hotter internally, resulting in heavy wrath and a down vibe as weighty as an antique deep sea diver’s suit. All this from a tiny feminine package riddled mysteriously with bursts of testosterone – a figure who, in person, emits delicate fragility. [...]

Summertime, Looking Back & A Luxury Mixed Dozen – 12 Exclusive Takeaway mp3s


It’s official: school’s out for the summer. Friday marked the last day for our (former) 3rd grader. The year, with all of its dizzying whirlwind growth, sticky crushes, new friendships, exciting firsts and occasional disappointments, came and went about as quickly as the gardenias outside our kitchen window recently burst into fragrant blossom and then [...]

Heartless Bastards, Live@Chessvolt Studios

The Heartless Bastards at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles during their live Luxury Wafers video session

There was a day, once – a far-less-wise time in life long ago – when i peeled open my eyes and dragged myself, blinking and gasping, onto the sun-soaked concrete of my back patio, alarmed to have survived the volumes of alcohol imbibed the previous night, suffering like a near-dead lizard. When the ground eventually [...]

Heartless Bastards, The Mountain


Erika Wennerstrom’s voice, unimaginably rich, makes me ache. How can she sound that way? Punctuated by pedal steel, Heartless Bastards deliver outrageous warmth and authenticity with their newest album’s title track, The Mountain We’re stoked to have Heartless Bastards in the studio for a live Luxury Wafers Session tonight. Look forward to some upcoming exclusive [...]