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Black Sunday Black Tracks Black Remixes Black


Rats [mp3] – The Black Heart Procession The Drop I Hold (Feat. GZA) [mp3] – Black Lips The Drop I Hold Afghan Raiders Remix [mp3] – Black Lips Afghan Raiders Remix I Wish Remix [mp3] – Helado Negro Monoliths [mp3] – Maserati The Black Heart Procession’s SIX (Temporary Residence, 9/21/09) is apparently deeper, darker and [...]

Helado Negro, Awe Owe out August 4th on Asthmatic Kitty, Deja mp3 + Dahum Video


photo by Rebecca Steele Deja [mp3] Yes! Helado Negro‘s Awe Owe is set to debut August 4th on Asthmatic Kitty. I heard this guy back at the beginning of May, when the teaser track, Deja, slipped out to pique curiosity. Since then, this release is one I’ve been drooling to hear. Like a happy kid [...]

Helado Negro, Deja (Awe Owe)


Helado Negro’s Deja, a musical inundation, begins as a dark and pounding storm that clears to a colorful sunset, leaving behing super wet puddles for splashing. The project of Roberto Lange, Helado Negro‘s album, Awe Owe will be out on Asthmatic Kitty August 4th, 2009. This teaser, a rich and fascinating nugget, absolutely whets my [...]