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Wavy Davy’s top 12 selections from last year’s Luxury Wafers Sessions

Brendan Benson

Here’s another list for list lovers. It’s never really too late, and, besides, 2010′s all about savoring that which nourishes, so…..without further ado, here’s Dave Shulman’s list of faves from Luxury Wafers sessions in 2009. Dave’s an up-east musician who helped around the studio when he visited and even filmed a bunch of Luxury Wafers [...]

Monday Forecast: It’s Gonna Rain in LA. Jake LaBotz mp3 + video

Jake Lazbotz during his live Luxury Wafers session

It’s Gonna Rain Again [mp3] – Jake LaBotz True. Our parched desert megametropolis is due for a quenching. Looks like it’ll pour cats and dogs all day Monday. Jump down to a video of Jake LaBotz howling out a classic traditional, It’s Gonna Rain Again. Regarding favorite musicians, there are so many amazing time periods, [...]

If you’re stranded on a mountaintop with a limited selection of music, take Jake LaBotz… won’t be sorry, I promise.


On a family trip, we’ve been tossing around worst-case scenarios (imagine being trapped on a desert island supplied only with a poor representation of your favorite genre of music) and best-case scenarios (aka, who’s your favorite all-time musician?). I find it really hard to peg a very favorite of all time. There are so many [...]

Video & Tracks Of The Day: Jake LaBotz, Tiny + Crow Jane


Jake LaBotz is an original, one of the last authentic bluesmen out there. Check out his earthy version of Crow Jane. Read the full review with downloadable audio from Jake’s Luxury Wafers Session. The first time I saw Jake LaBotz live, it was 2005 in a little boardwalk-adjacent bar in Hermosa Beach. I was already [...]

Track Of The Day: Jake LaBotz, The Devil Lives In My Throat


A haunting track for drizzly days, Jake LaBotz’ The Devil Lives In My Throat takes its time, simultaneously knitting a gut-wrenching scarf stained of aeons and wearing it matter-of-factly out in the world. I highly recommend you go to Jake LaBotz’ Luxury Wafers Session and get more tracks plus video.

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Jake LaBotz, Live@Chessvolt Studios

Jake LaBotz performs a live video session for Luxury Wafers at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles

Jake LaBotz is an authentic modern bluesman. Don’t let his lack of pigment fool you. He’s got stories to tell. Some of them take life in his songs. A magnetic vortex in person, Jake’s inked and weathered presence naturally evokes questions. But there’s an unearthly gravity on him which directs me to respectfully steer wide [...]

Premature Trackulation: Jake LaBotz, Frame Up


Excitement is mounting, and we’re so stoked we just can’t hold back. So here it is, our first shot out from authentic bluesman, Jake LaBotz. The track is Frame Up. There’s a spacious fullness of the deep well emanating from Jake in the form of hauntingly rousing vocals and lamenting guitar that moans from worlds [...]