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Track and Video of the Day: James Jackson Toth, My Paint + Bonus Downloads


Wild and free as the horse it describes, James Jackson Toth’s My Paint off his album, Waiting In Vain (Ryko). This exclusive, live version recorded at Chessvolt Studios for Luxury Wafers/Aquarium Drunkard in September of ’08. Bonus Downloads (Exclusive Tracks): Do What You Can Look In On Me Toth has performed and recorded as Wooden [...]

Track Of The Day: James Jackson Toth, My Paint


James Jackson Toth (pictured here with wife, Jessie), from Nashville via New York, visited us in the summertime while on tour. Continuing the themes of Stones sound and horses, today’s track is My Paint. You may have to listen a few times to figure out what he’s saying….but that only drives the good feeling deeper [...]

James Jackson Toth, Aquarium Drunkard Sessions, Live@Chessvolt

James Jackson Toth live at Chessvolt Recording Studio for Luxury Wafers

On the 1st stretch of their trip, the 5 members of James Jackson Toth’s touring band are still adjusting to being crammed with their gear into a little modern family van they rented in San Fransisco. Fiddling with pedals, cables and batteries, the big sweet teddy bear of a guy, James Jackson, patiently goes through [...]