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Best of the Year #1: View, Listen and Download

The best live sessions from Luxury Wafers in 2009

We asked our Luxury Wafers crew to share their favorites songs from our 2009 sessions. This first selection is a playlist from Justin Philips, who shot and edited video for us over the summer and stayed on to continue with video and to help with the studio move. Some of the songs on the list [...]

Jason Diaz: Stomp Out the Sun; Pleasure in Pain (mp3) plus Aftermath on CBS’ Ghost Whisperer


Photo by Kim Garcia Pleasure In Pain [mp3] Emerging artist Jason Diaz strikes big with his upcoming sophomore album, Stomp Out the Sun, due out early 2010. Loaded with grumbling guitars plus an intense blues-style raging guitar solo, Pleasure in Pain, chock full with organic bells and whistles (the good kind), features Diaz’s pristine, soul-infused [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Jason Diaz, Live@Chessvolt Studios with Video and mp3s

Thumbnail image for Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Jason Diaz, Live@Chessvolt Studios with Video and mp3s

You don’t have to hear the lyrics to Jason Diaz’s songs to understand the burning, soulful infusion of meaning shot through. Sometimes elusive, the words that do land on your plate of consciousness strike as an intriguing invitation enveloped in mystique. When you catch an entire phrase, the whole meaning in words, if you haven’t [...]

Summertime, Looking Back & A Luxury Mixed Dozen – 12 Exclusive Takeaway mp3s


It’s official: school’s out for the summer. Friday marked the last day for our (former) 3rd grader. The year, with all of its dizzying whirlwind growth, sticky crushes, new friendships, exciting firsts and occasional disappointments, came and went about as quickly as the gardenias outside our kitchen window recently burst into fragrant blossom and then [...]

Track Of The Day: Jason Diaz, Innocence


From the church of big sound, Stevie Wonder meets Led Zeppelin in Jason Diaz’ Innocence. Powerful. Jason’s music strips you bare to vulnerable, soulful joy. And the punch, “I just want to hold onto all the dreams that belong to my innocence.” Raw, gritty and poignant.   More Tracks and Video from Jason Diaz’ Luxury [...]

Track Of The Day: Jason Diaz, Guess I’ll Never Know


Aw, today’s track of the day comes out a little late, but it’s well worth the wait. Jason Diaz’ Guess I’ll Never Know will groove you with its smooth concoction of Jamiroqui, Donny Hathaway and young Michael Jackson all shaken, not stirred. Please check out more tracks and an awesome video at the Jason Diaz [...]

Jason Diaz, Live@Chessvolt Studios

Jason Diaz performs live with his band at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles for Luxury Wafers

The Jackson 5′s Michael meets Al Green in Jason Diaz, who soulfully delivers his own Motown-flavored arrangements with full presence and authenticity. This shy young guy inescapably draws comparisons to the young Michael Jackson – obviously in his look, replete with glorious ‘fro – but also in his sound and feel. And it’s real, ladies [...]