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Jim Bianco, Live@Chessvolt Studios

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Sensitive and vulnerable, yet quietly forward in the sexy department, Singer-Songwriter Jim Bianco is a full-time, professional ladykiller. Oh, I mean musician. Yea, though I swoon, I’m here to testify: I’ve seen him work his voodoo in person on a pre-pubescent girl (my eight-year-old daughter!), through video on an early 20′s hipster (our video editor), [...]

Premature Trackulation: Jim Bianco, Where and When


An original fixture at Hotel Cafe and sweetheart to LA music lovers, Jim Bianco came into the studio recently dripping with mostly sad love songs to cause a fierce and hungry aching. Where and When falls to the sweeter side, plump with raw, boyish innocence. Jim’s memorable presence is huge and humble all at once, [...]