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Kris Gruen, Live@Chessvolt Studios

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Vermont dweller Kris Gruen is a poet, songwriter and musician. Son of famed photographer Bob Gruen, Kris grew up in NYC accustomed to hanging in the hearth with musical icons. As a grown young man with his own family now, Gruen spins beauty from metaphorical, sometimes cryptic, poetic stories just as the fair maiden transformed [...]

Premature Trackulation: Kris Gruen, Nuschka


Vermont-based Kris Gruen paints an intriguing black-and-white portrait of a love song with Nuschka, a semi-cryptic fortune-speak kind of story that resides next door to Sufjan Stevens and down the street from Bright Eyes. Stripped to guitar and his inviting voice, you wouldn’t mind this neighbor knocking on your door for a few fresh eggs [...]