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Superchunk Neopolitan Aural Delights.


A Grave With No Name Forgive Me [mp3] – Le Loup. Now you can buy Le Loup’s album, Family , (Hardly Art, 9/22/09). Not only is the cover art kaleidoscopically vibrant and Magic Eye-like, but also included in the package is a darling little pin for your jean jacket or tote. You can always count [...]

Le Loup to tour with Nurses, New Album: Family; Beach Town mp3


Beach Town [mp3] – Le Loup Caterpillar Playground [mp3] – Nurses Le Loup is out and about, on tour with Portland’s Nurses and promoting their new album, Family, which will be available 9/22 from Hardly Art. Floral artwork that may double as a Magic Eye Hidden 3D Stereogram adorns the cover. And, best case scenario, [...]