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Best of the Year #1: View, Listen and Download

The best live sessions from Luxury Wafers in 2009

We asked our Luxury Wafers crew to share their favorites songs from our 2009 sessions. This first selection is a playlist from Justin Philips, who shot and edited video for us over the summer and stayed on to continue with video and to help with the studio move. Some of the songs on the list [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Lissie, Live @ Chessvolt Studios with Videos and mp3s

Lissie Playing Live for Luxury Wafers at Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles.

Lissie Maurus, from Rock Island, Illinois, sings like the coal miner’s daughter with bubblegum-sweet edges. Picture Loretta Lynn with organic munchies and a designer dog. Comfy country flannel paired with a shiny pedicure. Lissie can do it any way she wants. Remarkably unselfconscious and naturally beautiful with a black gold voice of fertile southern dirt, [...]