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New, repeat, remix: A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Ernesto Gonzales, Max Tundra, Passion Pit mp3s.


Shy (Ernesto Gonzales remix) [mp3] – A Sunny Day In Glasgow Failure [mp3] – A Sunny Day In Glasgow …upbeat ambient with thumping, writhing rhythm. The voices beckon so sweetly, “Fall forward, feel failure,” it seems like the most natural option to jump. Which Song [mp3] – Max Tundra Which Song (Passion Pit remix) [mp3] [...]

Odds, Ends and Recommendations for listening luxury


Max Tundra No More Pirates [mp3] from Chris Garneau‘s recent El Radio, haunting and elegant. Garneau’s voice, similarly quirky to Ryan Guldemond’s (Mother Mother), betrays his gender and age, at times forming stylized pop bubbles ala Ingrid Michaelson – only playfully dark and weighty, sometimes dramatically broadway, often sounding like a doe-eyed child. Garneau plays [...]