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Best of the Year #2, View, Listen and Download

Our favorite Luxury Wafers sessions with indie musicians in 2009

This selection comes from Amanda Lemieux, who has been with Luxury Wafers as a videographer, video editor and all-around good-viber since she moved to LA from the east coast about a year ago. From #12 to her numero uno, the songs are listed below as mp3s or videos with links to the original sessions for [...]

Mika Miko disbands – last tour date Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. Revisit their Radness with exclusive video and live mp3s


Bummer to hear the news that our favorite pony funk band,  Mika Miko, is breaking up. Sounds like it’s for real, too. Mika Miko’s always had the magic to make boys and girls, men and women, go gaga. It’s in their inimitable personal distinctiveness and the unassuming clobber-whip of punk rock that comes along with [...]

Exclusive Luxury Wafers Session: Mika Miko, Live @ Chessvolt Studios – Video and mp3s

Mika Miko performing live at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles for an exclusive Luxury Wafers Session

From the OC, Mika Miko, favorites at the all-ages, noise-focused, downtown LA joint, The Smell, (as well as allmusic pick for best new release – no small deal) are effectively The Ramones of the millenium. Fast, hard, no-frills, thrashing punk comes to the girls of Mika Miko completely naturally. Unselfconscious, Mika Miko playfully yet seriously [...]

Mika Miko, We Be XUXA, Download: I Got A Lot & On The Rise


For real? Yes, they will eat you up. Victor Fandgore (Jennifer Clavin), Jet Blanca (Jenna Thornhill), Michelle Diane Suarez, Jessica Clavin and now a boy, Seth Densham, make up LA-based punks Mika Miko (PostPresentMedium/KillRockStars). We’re stoked to have Mika Miko in the studio for a Luxury Wafers Live Session the day before the release of [...]