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Track Of The Day: Mother Mother, Touch Up


Satirical pop with a potent social message, Mother Mother’s Touch Up is like Super Mario Brothers on a streetcorner adjacent to the red light district. Check out more Tracks and Videos from Mother Mother’s Live Session at Chessvolt Studios.

Track Of The Day: Mother Mother, Hayloft


High energy and writhing rhythm drive the frenetic passion of Hayloft, a punk-pop-indie rock adrenalin frenzy, recorded Live@Chessvolt Studios by Vancouver’s Mother Mother. Go see Mother Mother’s videos and get more live Luxury Wafers tracks here: Mother Mother’s Luxury Wafers Session.  

Track Of The Day: Mother Mother, Body of Years


Frisky intense fun, today’s track is Canadian band, Mother Mother’s Body of Years. Wacky and energizing, this 5 minute experience traverses and highlights all of the unique and magnetic qualities that make Mother Mother, the pop-rock cloud with a dark underbelly, so terribly compelling. See Videos and Original Luxury Wafers Post with More Tracks. Photos [...]

New Video From Mother Mother Live@Chessvolt


Vancouver, BC, band Mother Mother recently came into the studio for a live session. Ending a tour of biblical proportions, they visited us on the 40th day when home was sounding mighty good. Despite copious vodka consumed by some the night before, spirits were high. Their gigs across the US had turned out better than [...]

Mother Mother, Live@Chessvolt Studios

Mother Mother plays live at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles for an exclusive Luxury Wafers session

Ali, Ryan Molly, Deb and Jeremy: Mother Mother Vancouver-based punkpop, indie rock band Mother Mother possesses the unhinged contagiousness of effervescent Clamato. Unusual and intriguing. Peter decribes them as B52s meets Queen. Their bouncy cadences carry accessibly freaky, cutting lyrics which ride lilting childlike choruses, every now and then breaking out into surprise theatrical interludes. [...]