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Best of the Year #2, View, Listen and Download

Our favorite Luxury Wafers sessions with indie musicians in 2009

This selection comes from Amanda Lemieux, who has been with Luxury Wafers as a videographer, video editor and all-around good-viber since she moved to LA from the east coast about a year ago. From #12 to her numero uno, the songs are listed below as mp3s or videos with links to the original sessions for [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Мумий Тролль – Mumiy Troll, Live@Chessvolt Studios with Video and Mp3s

Mumiy Troll performing live for Luxury Wafers at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles

Our Luxury Wafers Session with Russian trendsetting megastars, Mumiy Troll, was a barrel of fun, for sure. In a peaceful quest to take over the world with their ROCKAPOPS*, the Vladivostok constellation (Ilya Lagutenko with the velvety engaging voice, guitars, texts, music; Yuri Tsaler tearing it up on the Jazzmaster + keyboards; Eugene “Sdwig” Zvidionny, [...]

Мумий Тролль / Mumiy Troll, Comrade Ambassador; Venemous Star [mp3]


Venemous Star [mp3] We had the great pleasure of hosting Russian megastars, Mumiy Troll, in the studio for a live Luxury Wafers Session yesterday. These guys are the real deal. A foursome from Vladivostok led by Ilya Lagutenko – THE definitive force in currently trending music in his country – Mumiy Troll modestly appreciates iconic [...]