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+++ Love on Dead Oceans: On Fillmore, Califone, Akron/Family, Nurses, John Vanderslice +++


On Fillmore: Darin Gray and Glenn KotcheIt’s turned into an official day of love on Dead Oceans, the nifty Bloomington-based indie label with great taste in a variety of music, from pop to, well, not always pop. Check out some of the newest from Dead Oceans below. Ape-like [mp3] and Funeral Singers [mp3] -  Califone, [...]

Nurses: Apple’s Acre out now, Technicolor (mp3)


Technicolor [mp3] Apple’s Acre from Portland group, Nurses, has arrived, and it’s available for your listening pleasure in its entirety, courtesy of Dead Oceans – 10 titillating tracks for less than a pair of socks at the department store, less than a round of Starbucks. Whatever, it’s worth it. An aural gift that will keep [...]

Nurses to release Apple’s Acre, Caterpillar Playground (mp3)


Portland’s quirky Nurses deal serrated psych-pop sourpatch jellies for songs. Try on this tangy blast, Caterpillar Playground [mp3] to drive a thirst for their upcoming album, Apple’s Acre, to be released 8/4/09 on Dead Oceans. Buy Apple’s Acre at Amazon.