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Ola Podrida; Belly of the Lion; This Old World Video, The Closest We Will Ever Be mp3

Ola Podrira - Belly of The Lion

The Closest We Will Ever Be [mp3] Ola Podrida’s  Belly of the Lion released 11/10/09 on Western Vinyl. The very first moment of Ola Podrida’s Belly of the Lion is perfect.  Really.  Without a count, the bass drops on the downbeat and a warm bodied Telecaster sings; for a moment, it seems like this little [...]

Ola Podrida’s Belly of the Lion, Your Father’s Basement (mp3)


Your Father’s Basement [mp3] David Wingo’s 2nd album as Ola Podrida, Belly of the Lion, is coming to us soon, not soon enough, via Western Vinyl (11/10/09). This is Love with a capital L. I can hardly wait for the whole affair. Your Father’s Basement enthralls sonically and vibes with warmth from a fair distance. [...]