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Video and Track Of The Day: One Trick Pony, Loose Talk


One Trick Pony, Live@Chessvolt Studios, plays a watery, contemplative Loose Talk. The song is spacious in arrangement, emphasizing each hit of the drum, each violin line, each wispy backup vocal, contrasted by Randy’s melted marshmallow vocals and guitar. Read the full review of One Trick Pony’s Luxury Wafers Session with videos and downloadable audio.   [...]

Track of the Day: One Trick Pony, Diagonal Waves


Drift into cool ambient indifference with the push-pull intrigue of One Trick Pony’s Diagonal Waves. With the steady presence of rhythm section in Jen’s pounding heartbeat of drums, Charlene pours in a retrospective facet on violin, all supporting Randy’s acoustic guitar and devilishly inviting voice. It’s a bit like Al Stewart, Elliot Smith and David [...]

One Trick Pony, Live@Chessvolt Studios

One Trick Pony Live at Chessvolt Recording Studio for Luxury Wafers

Jen (drums, vox) & Randy (guitar, lead vox, songwriting), the core of One Trick Pony, with Charlene (killer violin) and Josh (of Die Rockers Die – on acoustic bass). One Trick Pony – Loose Talk – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo. On this cold and grey December day, it feels nearly impossible [...]