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Sonic Snacks – A Motley Mix of Recent Favorites

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:: Country Mice – Festival mp3 :: This one grabbed hold of me like a stickaburr from the hill country. Rustic rock brought to you from Brooklyn via the Midwest. Look forward to their debut album, Twister, in June. :: Hunx and His Punx – Lovers Lane mp3 :: Naughty but clean here, Hunx injects [...]

New Other Lives Videos: It Was The Night and Don’t Let Them


Existential folk rockers, Other Lives is back on the blog, so soon! If you saw the It Was the Night video I posted last week, please accept my personal apology for the technical error. Egad! If you didn’t catch the band then, this is the perfect opportunity to acquaint yourself with the saturated tunes of [...]

Other Lives: It Was The Night


A very cool crew, Other Lives from Stillwater, Oklahoma played and recorded a live session for Luxury Wafers back in the fall. Catch them in Austin for SXSW – they’ll be oozing weighty, contemplative tunes at various venues with free beer. And keep a lookout for their self-titled debut album, out April 7th, 2009. I [...]

Track Of The Day: Other Lives, End of the Year


Best wishes for a Happy New Year celebration to all! Hope you ring it in just the way you like. Today’s track is by Stillwater, Oklahoma enigma, Other Lives: End Of The Year It provides hopeful and dramatic fodder plus a musical background for contemplation on this last day of 2008. View Other Lives video [...]

Track Of The Day: Other Lives, Don’t Let Them


Other Lives from Stillwater, OK, from their Luxury Wafers Session, Live@Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles. A super easy-going, liberal bunch of fantastically talented and well-rounded musicians, they make amazing, dazing, crisp and poignant music. Don’t Let Them is the track. It sounds like he’s got a megaphone pointed to your subconscious while he pours the [...]

Other Lives, Live@Chessvolt Studios

Other Lives at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles for their live Luxury Wafers session

Other Lives: Josh, Jenny, Jonathan, Jesse, Colby From Stillwater, OK comes Other Lives, a pet project of monster management company Red Light’s Phil Costello. Their new album was produced by Joey Waronker, to be released by TBD Records. Soggy with existential despair, their languid tunes haunt as lead singer, Jesse, howls forth the reflection from [...]