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Rademacher, Live@Chessvolt Studios

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Malcolm Sosa will be the last man called sissy. He might have been the kid you’d find outside playing trucks in the dirt, fingering a football rather than a dictionary, figuring things out by dismantling and examining them, or imagining, hands-on, with action figures. Sosa conducts serious, sweaty boy energy like silver conducts amperes, readily [...]

Rademacher Video: Rocketship


Can it get any more fun than this? Rademacher is the best! Malcolm Sosa’s voice beckons in this very Talking Heads-y, funky fun and witty Rocketship with Greer on bass, keys and backup vocals and Eli on drums. Recorded Live@Chessvolt Studios in LA. Rademacher – Rocketship – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Premature Trackulation: Rademacher, Arkansas


Rademacher from Fresno stars Malcolm Sosa on guitar with a velcro voice – part singing, part dialogue – that seems to have exerted its character heavily in the LA indie scene. Ever hear of The Henry Clay People? It’s certain they’ve been directly influenced by Sosa’s style. Greer McGettrick plays bass and sings backup vocals [...]