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Track Of The Day: Renee and Jeremy, Free


Take it down to a mellow groove with Renee and Jeremy’s  Free Like drinking heated opiate-laced milk. Store this on your iPod for those moments when you wish you could be kicked back into the womb or suckling at a loving mother’s breast. Warm. For the full review and audio mp3 downloads, visit Renee & [...]

Track Of The Day: Renee & Jeremy, Share


Today’s track is luscious and light, a playful tune with sweet harmonies and even some cute little giggles, all in the bright spirit of the holiday season. Geared to all ages, we suggest you pop it on your ipod, enjoy and share it wherever you are today. Share More tracks from Renee & Jeremy’s Live@Chessvolt [...]

Renee & Jeremy, Live@Chessvolt 7/31/08

Renee and Jeremy at Chessvolt Recording Studio for Luxury Wafers

Mellifluous tunes with valerian undertones ooze naturally from the ‘songcatching’ team, Renee and Jeremy. They are a vibrant and complimentary pair, like salt & pepper or bacardi & ice: Renee supplies the smooth, Jeremy adds the energetic and together they bring the fun, in a comfy, feel-good way. Renee’s voice is velvety melted chocolate you [...]