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SXSW 2010 – 5 days of full-contact aural inundation; Free parties, music, booze, food … Ready, Go!

South by Southwest SXSW Armadillo

Right, they’ve got Smokey for the keynote address and a bunch of panels and whatnot to attend, but the ambrosia of SXSW manifests in an already-musically-inundated town soaked through to overflowing with amazing artists and music lovers from around the world, largely just for the price of getting to Austin with a comfortable pair of [...]

New Suckers Video: Easy Chairs plus It Gets Your Body Movin’ mp3


All hail the return of freaks! Floating insect people in a strange, saturated, lush dreamworld. Suckers’ Easy Chairs pours a playground refrain into a pliable stocking, then stretches, bends and pulls, like one of those rubber squeeze dolls with eyes that pop out. This song is just so ripe. The video requires only occasional focus. [...]

suckers, It Gets Your Body Movin’


If you stayed up till the wee hours and you must rise for an early appointment and no coffee or cigarette’s going to take you anywhere near the space you need to be – or if you have ever felt like you were pounded on the head by a sack of bricks and even a [...]