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Track & Video Of The Day: The Bowmans – Make It Last


The Bowman twins are back on the ground in the USA with a new album! Previously unrleased from the Bowmans Luxury Wafers Session Live@Chessvolt Studios, Make It Last is a playful track, ambrosial with harmonies and perky with the glockenspiel. Check out the Bowman’s Full Review with downloadable audio and visit The Bowman’s website, which [...]

Track Of The Day: The Bowmans, Digging For Gold


Today’s  shiny nugget is a lively folk ditty by the pitch-perfect Bowman twins. From New York, they spent a little time in Los Angeles last year. Now they’re off on world tour. Digging For Gold Check out the funny gurgly throat noises at the end of the song. Here’s The Bowmans post with more songs [...]

The Bowmans, Live@Chessvolt 7/31/08

The Bowmans live at Chessvolt Recording Studio for Luxury Wafers

These adorable girls are sweet as sunshine and mind-bogglingly talented. Don’t let their innocuous laughter or their air of innocence fool you: The Bowmans, who have shared a rhythm since conception, are dead-on. Creating a rich sound adventure as though from a bygone era, the pair is not afraid to linger on a note or [...]