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The May Fire, Live@Chessvolt Studios

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Heavy and grungy, shot full of deeply infectious hooks and grooves, The May Fire bursts out flaming hot rock-and-roll topped by a punk female vocalist. They’re like Baked Alaska set to fire and tromped upon by a sassy and volatile maraschino cherry. Who gets to be the ice cream, the cake, and the meringue is [...]

Premature Trackulation: The Mayfire, I’m Sinking


A hard-edged, grungy splash from The May Fire, I’m Sinking recorded live for Luxury Wafers, offers a good crisp wallow in pleasurable pain. Its NIN-ish screen of intensity blends with drawn-out Nirvana-like riffs, providing just the right level of chaos to keep lead-singer, Kat Tasso – a testy girl version of Sid Vicious – in [...]