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Summertime, Looking Back & A Luxury Mixed Dozen – 12 Exclusive Takeaway mp3s


It’s official: school’s out for the summer. Friday marked the last day for our (former) 3rd grader. The year, with all of its dizzying whirlwind growth, sticky crushes, new friendships, exciting firsts and occasional disappointments, came and went about as quickly as the gardenias outside our kitchen window recently burst into fragrant blossom and then [...]

Track & Video Of The Day: The Parson Red Heads, Got It All


Step into peace and love and a warm, fuzzy vibe with The Parson Red Heads. 100% Fresh squeezed and authentic, this musical family, pared down sizewise for their live Luxury Wafers studio recording, is the closest thing out there to a current CSNY. Got It All basks in a sated flower-child glow reminscent of Nash’s [...]

Video & Track Of The Day: The Parson Red Heads, Time Is Running Out


When you listen to the track or click go on the video below, you’ll think you tripped back into a late 1960s recording session ala CSNY . The Parson Red Heads are pure goodness – mellow, radiant sonic sunshine. Listen to/download the track: Time Is Running Out The Parson Red Heads – Time is Running [...]

Track Of The Day: The Parson Red Heads, County Line


Here’s a tall drink of liquid sunshine. Enjoy the warmth of today’s track, County Line by the Parson Red Heads, recorded Live@Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles for Luxury Wafers Sessions. Super sweet folk rock sound with harmonies ala Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. More Parson Red Heads with Videos and Tracks to download. Photos from [...]

The Parson Red Heads

The Parson Red Heads play Chessvolt Studios live for Luxury Wafers

The Parson Red Heads – Time is Running Out – Luxury Wafers from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo. The nicest people you’ll ever meet. Gentle, soft spoken, easygoing… they’re like family – heck, they are family. Evan on lead guitar and lead vocals (who incidentally looks like Kurt Cobain) plays with his betrothed, Brette on drums [...]