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Track Of The Day: The Seabellies, Heart Heart Heart Out


Aussie band The Seabellies delight us with today’s track, Heart Heart Heart Out. Dishing out a classic heartthrob vibe, The Seabellies set a luscious aquatic scene which drips with that down-under accent, all the while pulsing vitally as a crew. Check out The Seabellies’ original Luxury Wafers Session with video and photos.

The Seabellies, Live@Chessvolt Studios

The Seabellies play live in Los Angeles for Luxury Wafers at Chessvolt Recording Studio

On the heels of a 12-day US spree, The Seabellies from Australia joined us with spunk at Chessvolt Studios. As soon as the band of 6 (plus one lucky manager) descended on the tracking room, it was the explosion I imagined their lodging to be in a hotel – like overflowing suitcases dumping loads of [...]

The Seabellies Teaser – a track from their Live Session @Chessvolt Studios


Aussie tunes, the indie way. Or is that indie rock, Aussie style? Any way you hear them, The Seabellies from down under give us great tunes with fun flair – niblets of heavenly wonder. We thought we’d offer a sneak listen – a teaser, as it were – as we eagerly await our finished video [...]