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The Shivers, iTunes Live@Apple in Santa Monica


NYC band The Shivers played a live set at the Apple Store in Santa Monica on the promenade last night for iTunes Live. It turned out to be a pretty cool venue with seating and sound and plenty of folks interested in listening. For those who wandered in and discovered The Shivers for the first [...]

Track and Video Of The Day: The Shivers, Sweat


Intense passion. That’s what The Shivers embody in spades. The kind of passion that makes people jump from high windows, commit gruesome crimes against each other…… or write amazing songs. You can hear their inherent tension, Keith and Jo perilously riding a creative razor’s edge, Keith on the verge of bursting as blood drains from [...]

Track Of The Day: The Shivers, Beauty


Late nights require slower starts the following day. Hello Monday morning. Whether you’re well into your day or just now propping your eyelids open, you’ll probably enjoy sinking into the Shivers’ unhurried mudbath of Beauty. We suggest further immersion. Check out Videos and More Tracks from the Shivers’ Luxury Wafers Live Session.

Track Of The Day: The Shivers, Horses


The Shivers, Live@Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles. The track is Horses. A beautiful flow, like running unbridled across a field in Spring. Keith sings an earnest lyrical lead backed by very Jagger-esque Jo. Check out the post with videos.

The Shivers, Live@Chessvolt Studios

The Shivers during their live session for Luxury Wafers at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles

Intense. I have been spending time with The Shivers’ live session. The songs are rich. Emotionally devastating. Terribly personal. Burgeoning with raw honesty and profound simplicity. They’re so good, the only way to half-convey their amazing qualities is to grunt deeply-originated primal utterances in conjunction with dramatically grasping fists while squirming from the depths of [...]