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Lefse Records Free Compilation: Neon Indian, Tape Deck Mountain, A Grave With No Name, Friend, Emily Neveu, The Traditionist and a Whole Bunch More


Lefse Badass Compilation [zip] Our buddies over at Lefse Records have generously offered up a Free digital compilation for your listening pleasure. They’re calling it Fall/Winter 2009. As I’m reluctant to give over to cold gusts and gray skies, I’d rather think of it as a badass collection of songs that will continue to deliver [...]

Two Friends We Want You To Know: Two Sheds and The Traditionist (videos and mp3s)


**Two Sheds and The Traditionist are playing Spaceland tonight in LA with The Old Lumps & Line and Circle** TWO SHEDS Undertow [mp3] From the Sacramento scene, Two Sheds will sweetly rip your heart out and chew it up with John’s unbelievably deep and groovy bass lines and Caitlynn’s beautiful beautiful voice. Did I mention [...]

The Traditionist, Live@Chessvolt Studios

The Traditionist at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles for Luxury Wafers

Like an indispensibly intuitive back scratcher or massage therapist, Joey Barro (The Antiques) knows how to find the pressure point, the itch in his listeners, and work it. As my sister would say, The Traditionist can really hunker down and mash on it. He’s subtle, though. The Traditionist makes a pathway in with crafty folk-soaked [...]

Premature Trackulation: The Traditionist, Driftwood Doll


This 8-minute live track, repetitious yet far from tedious, is folk soaked to the bone with the ghost of Neil Young. Joey Barro (The Antiques) has become The Traditionist. He crows with fresh, reflective sadness, his voice strong and clear. I have to admit, Barro’s clunky appelation, The Traditionist, originally appealed to me about like [...]