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Track & VIdeo of the Day: The Transmissions, The Catch


Strangely refreshing, like an earthen romp and a sleek razorblade all at once. Here’s a track from The Transmissions never before offered for download. The Catch This guy’s one of my favorites. He’s putting some seriously twisted videos of a whole different variety up on Facebook, too. See more video, get more tracks and read [...]

Bonus Track Of The Day + Video: The Transmissions, The Catch


Christian Biel leads LA’s The Transmissions with dirty guitar and chilly vocals ala David Byrne inside a stainless steel sewer pipe. These guys are among my faves right now. The Catch is fiery and robotic, like Isaac Asimov on music. Check out their full review with more tracks and videos at The Transmissions, Live@Chessvolt Studios. [...]

The Transmissions, Live@Chessvolt Studios

The Transmissions rock Chessvolt Recording Studio for a live Luxury Wafers video session

Lusciously edgy, LA’s The Transmissions are a musical speedball. Led by Christian Biel stirring things up with his guitar and chillingly eerie vocals, The Transmissions keep the hairs standing up on the back of your neck while their smooth yet grinding groove whispers you to remain warmly immersed. There’s plenty at work to transfix here: [...]

The Transmissions Video – Faces – Live@Chessvolt Studios


The Transmissions – Faces – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo. Luscious and edgy, The Transmissions, led by Christian Biel, play silky-cool Faces. Curiously refreshing, it’s like a cool trickling brook on a warm summery day.