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Revisit Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Theresa Andersson, The Waltz


Spunky New Orleans One-Woman-Wonder, Theresa Andersson, exudes fun as well as jaw-droppingly prodigious talent. Visit her Live Luxury Wafers Session HERE, where you’ll find more video as well as exclusive mp3s. Theresa Andersson – The Waltz – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.  

Track Of The Day: Theresa Andersson, On Your Way Down


Simply singing and clapping her hands, Theresa Andersson from New Orleans by way of Sweden creates a remarkably huge Southern Baptist Choir-like tapestry with her soulful and piercingly accurate voice and some help from the magic of looping pedals in On Your Way Down. Andersson, an endless reservoir of energy and extraordinary talent, is a [...]

Theresa Andersson, Live@Chessvolt Studios

Theresa Andersson plays live at Chessvolt Recording Studio for Luxury Wafers

Multi-instrumentalist cyclone funded by boundless reserves of bouncy energy, Theresa Andersson is a phenomenon to behold. We were stoked to have New Orleans artist Theresa and her crew, manager Alex and husband Arthur, in for a live session one recent Monday afternoon. They were running on fumes from late touring hours and a hearty schedule, [...]

Interview: Theresa Andersson (Na Na Na) – Live@Chessvolt Studios


Transplanted to New Orleans from Sweden, Theresa Andersson has become an Indie-Soul One Woman Phenomenon. In this Exclusive Luxury Wafers Video Interview, interspersed with music and clips from her Live performance of Na Na Na at Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles, Theresa talks about her pedal boards, looping, writing music, performing and feeling free. Seriously [...]

Premature Trackulation: Theresa Andersson – On Your Way Down


Inspired by New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint, one-woman band Theresa Andersson soulfully belts out On Your Way Down accompanied by variations on herself multiple times via crafty looping and pedal work.