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Best of the Year #3: View, Listen and Download

The staff favorites - live sessions in 2009 from Luxury Wafers

This Best of 2009 list, “in no particular order,” comes from Mike Post, who started as an intern at our Chessvolt Studios before Luxury Wafers and has helped us here and there from the very beginning with booking, mixing… the whole shebam. Mike just graduated with a music degree from Northeastern University in Boston. Check [...]

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Summer of Fear, The Sound (mp3) plus Tour


The Sound [mp3] Reflective yet immediate, Brooklyn’s Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson has a cumbersome name. Oh, that’s not what I meant to say, but I was thinking it. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson makes an engaging sound as big as his name in The Sound from his upcoming sophomore album, Summer of Fear (10/20/09, Saddle Creek). [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: These United States, Live@Chessvolt Studios with Video + Mp3s

Thumbnail image for Luxury Wafers Exclusive: These United States, Live@Chessvolt Studios with Video + Mp3s

Fresh faced from a day’s video shoot which apparently involved a shaving scene, perhaps a bit of hair-cutting and some fingernail polish, flanked by a few down-to-earth good friends and juiced on special red liquid fuel, These United States visited Luxury Wafers on a recent round through LA. Self-dubbed “Cumulonimbus wordpop for the jangly railyard [...]

These United States, I Want You To Keep Everything (mp3) from Upcoming Album


We’re ecstatic to share the first mp3 from These United States‘ next upcoming album, Everything Touches Everything (United Interests, 9/1/09). I Want You to Keep Everything [mp3] These United States are on fire! Everything Touches Everything will be the 3rd full-length out from the band in 18 months, and this 1st-offered song indicates the Lexington/DC [...]

These United States: Honor Amongst Thieves (mp3) + Video


These United States (Lexington/DC) are serving up country fried musical entertainment and camaraderie, hijinx style, via songs as discourse through their loquacious mouthpiece backed by playful bass, pedal steel and jovial vocal choruses. Honor Amongst Thieves [mp3] from Crimes (Sept. 2008) These United States “Honor Amongst Thieves” from hoovesontheturf on Vimeo.