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Wavy Davy’s top 12 selections from last year’s Luxury Wafers Sessions

Brendan Benson

Here’s another list for list lovers. It’s never really too late, and, besides, 2010′s all about savoring that which nourishes, so…..without further ado, here’s Dave Shulman’s list of faves from Luxury Wafers sessions in 2009. Dave’s an up-east musician who helped around the studio when he visited and even filmed a bunch of Luxury Wafers [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Tiny Vipers, Live@Chessvolt Studios (Video and Mp3s)

Tiny Vipers performing live for Luxury Wafers at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles

Tiny Vipers mesmerizes. Intensely. There will be no cautious shuffling up near the rims of Jesy Fortino’s songs to gingerly sneak snippets of what lies inside. Once you’ve made your way into her vicinity, the dense magnetic vortex of Tiny Vipers doesn’t just mandate focused attention, it pulls you deep into freefall with relentless gravitational [...]

Lessons in the Woods…National Park Bingo and an Mp3 Mishmash


Goth Star [mp3] – Pictureplane from Dark Rift (Lovepump United, 8/09) Pictureplane, the “24-year-old weirdo performance artist Travis Egedy,” plays the Troubadour September 9th in LA. His upcoming LP from Lovepump is super juicy. Go over to Lovepump and see what they’re up to. Lots of exciting news including a debut EP from DERADOORIAN. Traveling, [...]

Tiny Vipers sucked me in, now I’m changed. Life on Earth (Subpop, 7/7/09): Dreamer and On This Side Mp3s


Where did time disappear to all morning? I became immersed in the vortex of Tiny Vipers. Jesy Fortino is Tiny Vipers, a stage name she created for herself years ago to “…create a sort of fiction for me to be a part of, rather than me taking myself apart in front of a bunch of [...]