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Tonight at Spaceland in Silverlake, LA: Voxhaul Broadcast, Rumspringa, Local Natives, Aushua


Tonight at Spaceland in Silverlake, a great lineup: One of my favorite bands (local or otherwise), Voxhaul Broadcast, with genuine, all-around-good-guys Rumspringa, Local Natives and Aushua. Enjoy these exclusive live tracks and videos to get you pumped for the night ahead: The Echo -Voxhaul Broadcast Trickle Charge – Rumspringa World News – Local Natives Voxhaul [...]

Voxhaul Broadcast, Live@Chessvolt Studios

Voxhaul Broadcast playing live for their exclusive Luxury Wafers session at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles

Outta the OC, Voxhaul Broadcast, flavored a whole lot like Cold War Kids and Kings of Leon, already moves with the poise of a well-embraced band, apparently settled comfortably in a working groove and enjoying their gig of life as successful rockers. Maybe they’ve had a look in a crystal ball. Let’s hope that forecast [...]

Voxhaul Broadcast Video: Zowie


Live at Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles, Voxhaul Broadcast rocks again…… Voxhaul Broadcast – Zowie – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.  

Premature Trackulation x2: Voxhaul Broadcast, Fire and Sparks/Chain to Reason


Two choice cuts from LA’s notable Voxhaul Broadcast: Hendrix flavored and heavy on the flowerchild sound, rock out with Fire and Sparks. Infectious guitar riff opens and threads the dreamlike storyline of Chain to Reason, dotted by adrenalin-invoking choruses.  

Premature Trackulation: Voxhaul Broadcast, Zowie 2


Listen. This one’s brandie new. like the story from a dream… over and over… “Woke up in the desert with a mouthful of dry sand……” Trek through a burning, dessicated dreamscape with Voxhaul Broadcast’s Zowie 2 led vocally by Davie, who awesomely starts to sound like an urgent and misunderstood crazy person. Guitar simultaneously narrates, [...]