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Track Of The Day: Wadsworth, Little Flower


© Judith Quiñones, 2008The band’s named after Will Wadsworth, drummer and singer. But today’s Wadsworth track was written by synth player Greg, who sings and plays banjo on this one. Confused yet? I was. Now I’m hoping the record’s set straight. Today’s track is an entertaining love song. Kind of an apology. It’s like dipping [...]

Wadsworth, Live@Chessvolt Studios


Wadsworth – Counterfeit Crown – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo. “I grew up slowly and I grew up wrong…” begins the infectious chorus to Concrete Floor, a well-coordinated, driving song, lyrically clever and clear, grounded in piano rhythms ala Sara Bareillis but way darker and complemented by weird synthetic keyboard effects and [...]