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Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Summer of Fear, The Sound (mp3) plus Tour


The Sound [mp3] Reflective yet immediate, Brooklyn’s Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson has a cumbersome name. Oh, that’s not what I meant to say, but I was thinking it. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson makes an engaging sound as big as his name in The Sound from his upcoming sophomore album, Summer of Fear (10/20/09, Saddle Creek). [...]

Warpaint + Manimal = Good. Exquisite Corpse Release; Billie Holiday and Elephants (mp3s)


Billie Holiday [mp3] Elephants [mp3] LA’s pretty Warpaint originally self-released Exquisite Corpse in February of 2009. Now picked up by Manimal Vinyl, Exquisite Corpse, mixed by John Frusciante, will come out September 22, 2009 on vinyl (of course) and CD with a new bonus track included. Buzz. Not just pretty. Not just a cool show. [...]