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Weekend Party Starter – White Denim: Live on Marc Riley, Streaming Fits, and Mirrored and Reverse (mp3)


I caught the tip for the Live White Denim performance on Marc Riley’s Show via Twitter thanks to Chris Cantalini of wonderful mammoth music blogspot, Gorilla vs Bear. Multitasking at the computer, I forgot I had clicked the link until suddenly a bright blast came through my headphones, loud and clear, and super super good. [...]

White Denim, Mirrored and Reverse download


From Austin’s ‘raucous and enthralling’ White Denim, heavy bass and a generous slathering of reverb dosed with sitar-sounding string and wah will send you on a rabbit-hole type adventure in Mirrored and Reverse from their sweet new album, Fits, out June 22 in the UK on Full Time Hobby.